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Mount Laurel MUA At A Glance

Water Department

Water Distribution System
2 elevated water storage tanks: capacity of 500,000 gallons and 1 million gallons
2 ground level water storage tanks; each with a capacity of 1 million gallons
213 miles of water main
1801 fire hydrants
5427 water valves
5 bulk interconnections; Willingboro MUA, Evesham MUA, NJ American Water (3)
8 stand-by interconnections; Evesham MUA (4), Moorestown Township (2), Maple Shade Township (1), NJ American Water (1)

Water Treatment
Elbo Lane Groundwater Treatment Plant
Well source water from the Lower Potomac Raritan Magothy Aquifer, 4 wells
Iron and manganese removal with fluoride addition
5.3 Million Gallons per Day (MGD) peak treatment capacity for summer months
Actual operational level of 0.0–1. 2 MGD during the remainder of the year

Aquifer Storage and Recovery Well
~200 MG storage capacity, 1.3 MGD recharge capacity, 3 MGD withdrawal capacity

Sewer Department

Wastewater Collection System
41 sanitary sewer pump stations
37 miles of pressurized mains (8” – 24” diameter)
153 miles of gravity main (8” – 12” diameter)
4045 manholes

Wastewater Treatment Plant
Hartford Road Water Pollution Control Facility
Advanced Secondary Treatment with discharge to the Mainstem Rancocas Creek
6.0 MGD average treatment capacity

Certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency and NJ Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) for water and wastewater analysis

24 employees hold NJDEP licenses for operation of water and wastewater facilities
9 staff hold NJ licenses other areas: Engineer, Electrician, Inspector, Public Works Manager, Purchasing Agent, Human Resource Manager, Underground Storage Tank Inspector