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Frequently Asked Questions

ball icon   What are your office hours?
Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm.

ball icon   How often are we invoiced?
You are invoiced monthly for previous usage.

ball icon   Can I receive my monthly invoice electronically via email?
Yes. If you chose this option you will no longer receive a paper copy.
Electronic Billing Authorization Form

ball icon   What are my payment options?
We offer several options; our payment processing center by returning your payment in the envelope provided with your invoice. Direct Debit, your monthly balance will automatically be deducted from your checking, savings or money market account each month. Online payments and phone payments. You can also make payment at our main office.
Billling Options

ball icon   What credit cards do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard & Discover

ball icon   Do you accept PayPal?
Yes. we accept both PayPal and PayPal Credit

ball icon   Do you offer a senior discount?
If you qualify for the senior citizens property tax deduction through Mt. Laurel Township Tax Assessor’s Office you will automatically qualify for 50% off your sewer bill with the MUA. Those residents who are disabled may also apply through the Township Tax Assessor’s Office. If you reside in a mobile home development, you will need to obtain an application from the MUA. Proof of age, income, and title to your mobile home will be required.

ball icon   How can I change the name on this account?
The MUA requires written documentation such as a deed, death or marriage certificate in order to make a name change.

ball icon   I live in a different location a few months out of the year; can you send my bills there?
Yes, we can add a different “bill to” address so your bills go directly to where you are staying. Just remember to request the “bill to” address be removed when you return to Mt. Laurel.

ball icon   I own a property that I will be renting out, what do I do?
The MUA requires a tenant/landlord form be completed. Among other things, you must indicate if you want the bill to go to your tenant directly. If you chose to put it in your tenant’s name, you will still receive an owner’s copy of the bill.

ball icon   If I am a tenant renting the property, how can I make changes to the account?
A tenant cannot make any changes to the account. The landlord is the only one that can make changes to the account.

ball icon   I am buying/selling a home in Mt. Laurel. What do I need to do?
Approximately three days prior to the scheduled settlement date, the title company  must send in a settlement request form to schedule a final reading. This reading will be taken the day before the settlement and final figures will be calculated for the seller and given out to the title company. At that time a new account will be created for the buyer and the seller's account will be deactivated waiting for payment of the final bill. Water is not turned on/off during the settlement process.
Settlement Request Form

ball icon   What is the extent of my responsibility of the water and sewer service laterals?
For sewer laterals, the property owner is responsible for underground piping (including under roadways) from the sewer main to the home or business. The MLTMUA is responsible for the sewer mains. See Image
For water laterals, the property owner is responsible for underground piping (including under roadways) from the connection to the water main to the home or business. The MLTMUA is responsible for the water mains. See Image

ball icon   My property is not currently serviced by MLTMUA, how do I find out if I can connect to the MLTMUA water/sewer service?
If you are not currently connected to the MLTMUA water or sewer service, and wish more information, please call our engineering office at (856) 234-0062 ext. 117 for more information.

ball icon   Where does my water come from?
Your drinking water comes from a blend of sources. Mount Laurel MUA (MLTMUA), Willingboro MUA (WMUA) and NJ American Water Company (NJAWC). Please visit our water quality summary for additional information on water supply.
Water Quality Summary

ball icon   Is there fluoride in the water?
Yes, there is fluoride in the water. The optimal level of fluoride in drinking water recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA) is 0.70 parts per million (ppm). Water supplied by MLTMUA and WMUA is fluoridated at 0.62 ppm and 0.60 ppm respectively.
NJAWC does not fluoridate their water supply.

ball icon   What is the water hardness?
The optimal level for hardness in drinking water is 80-100 parts per million (ppm).Hardness from MLTMUA's treatment facilities and NJAWC is within range; however, water recieved from WMUA ranges in hardness up to 130 ppm. Therefore, a water softener may be recommended for those in the northern areas of Mount Laurel.